Bad breath / Halitosis - Aberdeen

Bad breath also known as halitosis is a very widespread problem. Whether you are young or old, halitosis can occur and this is especially true for the disabled who may find it difficult to follow or keep up with their dental hygiene and also those who are using dentures and braces. There are those who are more prone to bad breath such as smokers and those suffering from some medical conditions like dental or periodontal disease, diabetes, allergies, alcoholism, throat and lung infections and sinusitis just to name a few.
Dry mouth is also another contributor to halitosis. If you are on a non fibre or high protein diet or on certain medications like antihistamines, supplements, cardiac medications or calcium blockers, then you are likely to suffer from bad breath because they are known to stop saliva flow leading to dry mouth. When you suffer from dry mouth you are bound to have extreme thirst and tooth decay which are all basis for bad breath. If you would like to have fresh breath then you should avoid certain food like garlic, onion, cabbage, spices and coffee. Food particles that get stuck between your teeth can also cause halitosis.


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