Bad breath / Halitosis - Aberdeen

If you suffer from bad breath or halitosis, then you would be relieved to know that there is a solution for this. The following are 2 solutions that your Aberdeen dentist will recommend.
Follow a Healthy Diet Consuming healthy food and drink can help a lot in maintaining good dental hygiene because it has the ability to assist in good saliva flow which deters bad breath. Eating food high in fibre helps to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. Your morning breakfast should also be healthy since that is the first meal after a long night of rest where odour and bad bacteria can accumulate. Water is also another deterrent to bad breath so make sure you take plenty of it. Try to stay away from drinks that contain high sugar and acid like juice and carbonated drinks because they can only add to your bad breath woes.
Practice Good Dental Hygiene . Food particles that get stuck between your teeth create the perfect environment for bacteria to breed therefore good dental hygiene is vital. If you make it a habit to brush your teeth thoroughly and also flossing at least after every meal can help you to decrease bad breath. This is especially important if you have just consumed a meal with high protein that can cause bad breath.


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