Botox & Restylane Aberdeen

There are two well known non surgical procedures for a face lift or facial rejuvenation. Botox and dermal fillers like restylane are widely recommended by cosmetic dentists in Aberdeen. Botox can do wonders for treating forehead lines or ‘crows feet’ and dermal fillers can be used to give you fuller lips or treat deep facial lines like smoker’s lines around the lips, deep smile lines, facial scars and even cheek contour depressions.

Botox is a common procedure for facial rejuvenation. A harmless bacterial toxin is injected in minute quantities into the facial muscles in order to relax the muscle. This in turn will improve and clear out the wrinkles caused by muscle movement. The entire procedure hardly takes 10 minutes and is completely painless. Your Aberdeen dentists will advice you to get this injection done every few months because the body will slowly break down the Botox which will then lose its effectiveness.

Restylane comes in the form of a clear gel based on a degradable hyaluronic acid. This gel has the capability to increase volume to the injected area hence creating a fuller lip if injected on the lips and wrinkle clear skin. To maintain this, the dermal fillers need to be injected regularly because they too are broken down by the body.

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