Cerec dentistry Aberdeen

For any form of dental restoration, you will surely need to visit your Aberdeen dentist more than once. On your first visit your tooth will be prepared to make a mould and a temporary crown will be placed under anaesthesia. After a few weeks, you will go in for your second visit where again under anaesthesia; your temporary crown will be replaced with a permanent set. That too provided that everything fits fine.

If you are not too fond of making numerous trips to the dentist then you would be delighted to know that with CEREC you can have a dental restoration done with just one trip to your Aberdeen dentist. The Sirona Dental Systems (CEREC) is the only system in the world that does fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations like a crown, veneer or inlay within a few hours.

Your Aberdeen dentist will begin the CEREC treatment by first preparing the tooth for a crown or veneer as usual. He will then take an optical impression of the tooth using a camera instead of using a ‘putty’. Using a CEREC 3D software, he will convert the digital impression of your tooth to a computerized model. Your Aberdeen dentist will then check the digital image and once he is satisfied, he will send the data to a ready milling machine. The milling machine will then produce the permanent restoration made from a ceramic block within 30 minutes. Your restoration is now ready to be fitted in.

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