Bonding - White fillings Aberdeen

There is a dental procedure practiced by your Aberdeen dentist known as dental bonding. Your dentist needs to have creative skills in order for this procedure to be successful. Bonding is where a compound tooth is created out of coloured material which is then used to form a resilient bond with the teeth. Bonding comes in very handy in many dental procedures such as to restore a broken or chipped tooth, reshaping the teeth, closing the gaps of the teeth known as diastamas, creating ‘white fillings’ and also to produce composite veneers.

Composite "white" fillings

There used to be a time when tooth fillings were amalgam based which did not match the colour of the teeth. Today your Aberdeen cosmetic dentists have replaced them with bonding which gives a more natural look of your teeth. Bonding is however not meant for all types of procedure because the composite material is not as sturdy as other forms of dental restoration. Therefore if your teeth require more than just a simple filling, then chances are that your Aberdeen dentist will turn to the CAD/CAM CEREC technology where ceramic fillings that are much stronger and natural looking can be produced in a day.


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