Composite Bonding - Aberdeen dentist

A composite bonding procedure begins when your Aberdeen dentist numbs the infected tooth with local anaesthesia that is administered to the surrounding gums. Any plaque or tartar as well as dirt will be thoroughly cleaned from the tooth so that the composite can bond with the tooth. Your Aberdeen dentist will select a matching colour of composite and proceeds to keep the tooth dry by using a latex sheet or cotton rolls which will then be drilled into shape.

To ensure that the composite (that reacts as the bonding agent) sticks firmly on the tooth, a phosphoric acid based conditioner will be applied on the surface of the tooth. Once the composite has been applied on the tooth, it will be prepared to set and harden by rendering it to a special light. The composite is applied in layers of 1 2mm until the appropriate colour and look is achieved. Once complete, the finishing touches of polishing and buffing are done in order to create the perfect shape with a smooth finish. Even though composite bonding can last up to 10 years, it still does not have the sturdiness of other materials like porcelain or ceramic and also stains rather easily.

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