Dental Crowns Aberdeen dentist

The procedure

A dental crown is performed under local anesthesia by your local Aberdeen dentist who will first remove any decay before grinding the tooth into its proper shape. The tooth is normally narrowed so that the crown can be easily placed on the tooth. The dentist will then use a ‘dental putty’ to create a mould of the tooth which will then be sent to the local Aberdeen dental laboratory to make the crown. It can take up to 3 weeks for the crown to be made. Therefore the dentist will first fit you with a temporary crown. Once the fabricated crown is ready, the dentist will then replace the temporary crown with the fabricated crown after ensuring that the colour and fitting are perfect If you cannot wait for 3 weeks to get your crown, then it would be best to look for an Aberdeen dentist who has CEREC technology. With this technology you will be able to get your porcelain crown fitted within an hour on the same day. A good quality dental crown can last up to 15 years.

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