Dental Floss Aberdeen

The best way to clean between your teeth is by using a dental floss or a tape. You need to use floss in order to remove the plaque and dirt lodged between your teeth and beneath your gumline because it is not easy for your toothbrush to do the job. The proper technique of using floss can be shown by your Aberdeen dentist or hygienist.

Some of the suggestions from your Aberdeen dentist would be as follows:-

* You would need approximately 18 inches of floss out of which most of it should be coiled around your middle finger. The rest of the floss should be coiled around the middle finger of the other hand which will take up the used floss when you start flossing.
* The floss should be held with a firm grip between your thumb and forefinger leaving just about an inch between them firmly. Move the floss gently side to side between your teeth without twitching or snapping the floss which could damage your gums.
* Curve your floss to form a C shape on the tooth once it reaches the gumline until you feel some pressure


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