Aberdeen Dental Implants

A dental implant procedure starts by lifting a portion of the gums by making a small cut. A special drill is then used to drill a small hole in the jawbone. Once the titanium implant is securely placed in this hole, the gums will be stitched back to cover the implant. If a situation arises where the bone material becomes inadequate then your Aberdeen dentist might either perform a bone graft or use smaller implants known as mini implants.

For the next 6 months, the patient can carry on wearing their dentures until the implant heals and joins together with the adjoining jawbone. Once the 6 months is over, the gums will be lifted once again so that the implants can be attached with a post using a temporary crown. You can expect a permanent implant to be fitted around 4 6 weeks later once the entire gum tissue has fully developed. If you are a looking for something more permanent to replace a missing tooth or teeth then the dental implant is the best option because they are sturdy and can last for around 20 years.

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