Aberdeen Dentures

As we get older, there are chances that we may lose a tooth or more no matter how carefully we have taken care of them. In this instance the only option available is denture. Dentures today look almost like the real deal and they are available in various materials. Dentures are custom made by skilled dental technicians who work closely with your Aberdeen dentist to get the perfect fit for you. Within 5 to 6 visits you will have your new set of teeth.

Types of Denture

Dentures are custom made according to your mouth impression taken by your Aberdeen dentist. Dentures are made from hard plastic where the chosen teeth are fitted into. Since there are lots of choices available, your Aberdeen dentist will help you make the right choice of teeth that will be comfortable, a perfect fit and that looks natural on you. On your second or third visit you will be able to try out your trial denture to make sure that everything fits fine. Any alterations should be made at this time so that your Aberdeen dentist can make the final dentures perfect.


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