Dental Crowns Aberdeen dentist

If you have lost a tooth or a few teeth, you may want to replace them with dentures or partial dentures. Normally these partial dentures are made of plastic and can make you feel rather uncomfortable because it tends to make your mouth feel full. They can even cause your teeth to break. Therefore it is not surprising people hardly ever use their lower partial dentures.

To have your dentures fit you perfectly so that it does not fall off, you have to either put metal clips to keep them in place or use dentures made out of very strong material like chrome cobalt. The drawback to this is that the metal clips are visible when you speak or laugh hence letting others know that you have dentures on.

If the traditional partial denture is not what you are looking for, then you should consider the Valplast Flexible Partial Denture. This denture is almost indestructible, can be easily removed and is known to be very comfortable. It is widely available at your dentists in Aberdeen. This partial denture is made from really strong plastic which are light, almost colourless and can be securely placed around your teeth and gums with ease. The Valplast partials are almost colourless and they blend naturally with your existing teeth therefore no one will ever know that you have dentures on.

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