Electric Toothbrush Aberdeen

When holding a toothbrush make sure that your grip is a finger grip and not a fist grip because too much force will only make you lose the accuracy of your brushing. This is especially true with an electric toothbrush because different models have different shapes. To be 100% sure on how to use them correctly, always refer to the user manual that comes with it.
The toothbrush head should be placed where the teeth and gums meet. Move the toothbrush back and forth concentrating on this area to effectively remove the germs that cause plaque. Make sure that you clean the area surrounding the tooth, the surface of the tooth, gumline and very importantly between and back of your teeth for maximum cleanliness.
Follow a regular method of brushing so that you do not miss out on any tooth. You can even use the Sonicare ‘Quadpacer’ technology where your mouth will be segregated to four portions so that all areas are evenly covered.


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