Aberdeen dentist - Electric Toothbrush

Children who have been trained to brush their teeth when they are much younger have a higher tendency to retain their healthy teeth. Baby’s teeth should be brushed as soon as they are developed. However if you are facing problems in brushing your child’s teeth then should seek some advice from your Dental hygienist or your Aberdeen dentist. A baby tooth brush with a dab of toothpaste that are safe to be swallowed should be used. Using an electric toothbrush at such as early age may not be a good idea because a manual toothbrush will allow you to control and manoeuvre the brush according to the response of the child. The wide range available by Oral-B should do the trick. If you need a better explanation then you should seek the advice from your Aberdeen family dentist.

Children aged seven and below will need to be assisted to get their teeth clean because they do not have the expertise to brush the entire set of teeth. The method most commonly used is by standing behind the child with the toothbrush and show them the right way to brush. They will soon be familiar with the routine and will be able to brush their teeth on their own.

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