Fissure sealants for cavities in Aberdeen

The most effective method to protect your child’s teeth is by applying sealants which are safe and painless. A sealant is actually a plastic coating meant to protect the back of your teeth that have biting surfaces. They act as a protective screen that does not allow food particles and even bacteria from getting into the small crevices of your teeth hence eliminating tooth decay. This procedure can be done by your Aberdeen dentist or hygienist.
Sealants can only be applied on your molars and premolars – the back of your teeth that have biting surfaces with holes and crevices. When you consult your Aberdeen dentist he will conduct a thorough examination to check which teeth are deep enough for a sealant to work effectively. Only teeth that have natural deep gaps and crevices will be sealed.
This procedure is quick as it only takes a few minutes for each tooth, simple and pain free. Before the liquid sealant is applied, the tooth will be first cleaned, set with a special solution then left to dry. The liquid sealant is then hardened using an ultraviolet light. Once the procedure is over, you won’t feel any difference.


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