Aberdeen dentists - Gum Disease

A quick trip to your Aberdeen dentist for a thorough dental checkup will let you know if you suffer from any gum disease. The first sign of periodontal disease can be detected when the measurement of the gums encircling each tooth also known as the ‘cuff’, is taken. To check the total bone loss that has occurred, an X-ray may be ordered. These initial evaluations are vital because the proper treatment for you will be derived from these.

A hygienist or your Aberdeen dentist will first clean your teeth completely. Once this is done, your dentist may continue to clean the root of your teeth to ensure that every bacteria, is removed. A simple guide on how to eliminate plaque effectively on your own as well as the proper method of cleaning your teeth will be provided.

There is no cure for periodontal disease however if you follow your home care guide diligently, there are chances that the loss of bone will be minimized and eventually stop. You have to efficiently eliminate plaque everyday and make regular trips to your Aberdeen dentist or hygienist for long term success.

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