Orthodontics Aberdeen dentists

The procedure of straightening and aligning the teeth is a special field of dentistry known as orthodontics. Quite a number of Aberdeen dentists offer this treatment that requires the patient to wear a retainer or a brace for an extended time. The braces are made from small metal plates or plastic mould that is attached with wires and springs. The mild pressure of the brace forces the teeth to form a different alignment hence straightening the teeth. Braces work best on children because their teeth are still developing. Adults too get their braces done but it will take a longer time to achieve the desired results.

At your Aberdeen orthodontistís practice, your teeth will be first evaluated to get the correct alignment. The dentist will then make either a fixed brace or a removable brace so that it could be easily adjusted to get the ideal alignment during the treatment period. The fixed brace will only be removed once the treatment is over while the removable brace though worn all the time can be removed when eating or for cleaning purposes.


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