Invisalign Aberdeen Orthodontics

There are a number of teeth straightening methods and one of them is invisalign. Invisalign is an aligner that is custom made to fit your teeth so that it straightens out over a period of time. These aligners are almost invisible hence the name invisalign. This form of aligners are very practical because it can be removed when you want to eat and when you want to clean it. They should also be replaced every two weeks. The best of all is that since it is invisible no one will know that you are actually using aligners. Apart from invisalign, there is also another method than conceals your alignment called lingual braces. They are not visible since they are placed in the inner side of the teeth. To know more about the best realignment method for your teeth type, it will be best for you to consult your Aberdeen dentist. The majority of invisalign orthodontists in Aberdeen offer free consultation on your first visit.

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