Root canal endodontics Aberdeen

Endodontics or better known as root canal is a procedure performed by your Aberdeen dentist when the tooth (or more accurately the pulp) is cut off from blood or nerve supply due to infection caused by injury or decay. The infection on the pulp can run through the tooth’s root canal system which will end with an abscess. Failing to get a root canal treatment will eventually cause the infection to spread and the dentist will have no choice but to extract the tooth.

The root canal is performed to get rid of all the infection. This is done by cleaning the tooth thoroughly and filled to ensure no infection occurs in the future. This procedure is quite lengthy and some level of skills is required. You would probably need to visit your Aberdeen dentist a couple of times to complete the treatment.

The infected pulp will be cleaned and the abscesses removed on your first visit. The root canal will then be shaped to be fit with the temporary filling once it has been cleaned. On your next visit, the temporary fillings will be replaced with permanent fillings once your dentist is sure that the tooth has settled and free from infection.

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