Teeth Whitening Aberdeen

If you wish have whiter teeth then you should go for a teeth whitening process where the teeth will be bleached to remove the stains. Your Aberdeen dental hygienist will be able to remove a substantial amount of stain from heavily stained teeth with a simple scale and polish procedure. There is also another procedure which is vastly used by Aberdeen cosmetic dental practitioners where they combine laser teeth whitening with a whitening take home kit that comes with custom made trays. These bleaching processes utilize a peroxide based compound with a varied strength of 3 50%. The bleaching power increases with the increase in the peroxide % which means whiter teeth. But you must keep in mind that greater strength also means it has greater possibility to damage the surrounding areas. This is the reason why a shield is used by your Aberdeen dentist to protect the gum during the procedure. The home whitening kit has low peroxide concentrate and proves to be very effective in the long run whereas laser whitening gives immediate effect. Therefore using both the laser and home kit will provide the ultimate whitening solution.


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