Tooth Whitening Aberdeen dentist

When it comes to professional tooth whitening systems, there are several brands that take the lead such as Zoom! BriteSmile and Opalescence. Your teeth whitening procedure will only be done after your Aberdeen dentist completely cleans your teeth by removing the tartar and surface stains using the scale and polish method.

Once the cleaning is done, the Aberdeen dentist will make a record of your teeth colour/shade in order to make a comparison after the whitening procedure. This can be done in two ways. One is by using a tooth colour shade guide/chart and the other is by taking a digital photograph of your teeth. Now the teeth are ready for the whitening procedure. A bleaching compound with a peroxide concentration of 15 50% will be used. In order to make sure the gums do not get damaged, the dentist will use some form of protection like cotton or protective gel that hardens on the gum. To protect your cheeks and lips, a cheek retractor will be used. Your eyes will also be protected from the use of laser and peroxide. These days some cosmetic practitioners even offer entertainment in the form of DVD glasses so that the patient gets to watch a movie during the procedure.

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