Aberdeen dentists - Tongue cleaning

 * A clean and healthy mouth can be achieved by removing the bacteria from the crevices of the tongue. In order to achieve this, you will need to cleanse your tongue.
* Even though you can clean your tongue by brushing them, it will be more effective if you were to use a tongue cleanser which has the ability to reduce bacteria 7 times more efficiently that cause bad breath.
* Brushing your teeth and cleansing your tongue will help to minimize bad breath up to 3 times more effectively then merely brushing your teeth

Tongue cleansing is most effective when it is done using Tongue Detox. It is light, flexible and has a specially designed double handle. It also has a distinctive antibacterial and mint scent. The Tongue Detox is extremely efficient in removing bacteria, dead cells and bacteria as well as the brown and white thick sticky coating that causes bad breath. It is easy and safe to be used hence reducing the gag reaction.

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