Brushing Aberdeen

Plaque builds between and on your teeth if it is not removed on a daily basis. Brushing your teeth twice daily helps to remove food particles that are left in your teeth. Bacteria thrive on this and eventually bring about gum disease and tooth decay.

When you consume food high in sugar and starch, you actually encourage the bacteria to generate acids that invade your teeth. Since plaque is like glue, it assists the acid to stick to the teeth. If left untreated, the acid will eventually erode the tooth enamel and create a hole or cavity.

When plaque becomes hard, it is known as calculus or more familiarly tartar. Tartar develops along the gumline and the plaque which is just below discharges a poison that can irritate and inflame your gums. Your gums will then slowly detach from the teeth, leaving the gaps infected. If this is not caught in time, then the bones that hold teeth will be ruined causing unnecessary loss of healthy teeth. Adults mainly lose their teeth to gum disease which is why they have to opt for alternatives like implants, dentures or bridges to make up for the loss.


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