Aberdeen dentists - Tooth Brushing

In order to avoid swollen gums and infections, it is vital that your teeth and its surrounding areas are free from food particles and plaque. Failing to remove plaque will only lead to the formation of tartar which only your Aberdeen dentist or hygienist can remove. Regular checkups are necessary so that your teeth and mouth can be cleaned if required.

Choosing the right toothbrush is the first step to your dental hygiene and your Aberdeen dentist will be able to make that right choice for you. Normally adults should use a toothbrush which is either small or medium and soft or medium bristles (also known as filaments) with rounded ends. The head of the toothbrush should also be small enough to reach every nook and corners of the mouth. This is especially important for the back of the teeth which is the most difficult cleaning area. Children on the other hand will of course use smaller brushes but with similar filaments.

Toothbrushes that are over used will only damage your gums since it does not have the cleaning ability anymore. So make sure that your toothbrush is changed every three or two months or if the filament has worn out which ever sooner.

Brushing your teeth helps to eliminate food fragments and plaque from every surface of your teeth.


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