Aberdeen dentists - Brushing

The following routine has been suggested by dentists in Aberdeen on how you can get rid of plaque. You need to make sure that every single tooth is brushed correctly.

* To do this you need to position the head of the toothbrush on your teeth touching the gumline. Then brush them a number of times in small circles.
* Make sure that your brush remains against your gums when you brush every upper and lower surfaces of your tooth
* Every surface of your inner teeth should also be brushed in the same manner
* The surface of your teeth that is used for grinding and chewing should also be brushed
* To brush the insides of your teeth in the front, you have to slant your brush to a vertical angle and brush them in small circular motions using the front of the brush
* To keep your breath fresh and your mouth clean, brush your tongue. This also helps rid of bacteria

Fluoride toothpaste should be used when you brush your teeth. This should be done at least twice daily or as directed by your dentist. If you experience bleeding or pain after you have brushed your teeth then you should make a trip to your Aberdeen dentist.

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