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You will find our articles to be informative and they cover a wide range of dental topics like veneers for that million dollar celebrity smile that come in various types such as the Californian Davinci veneers, ultra strong lumineers and the quick one day procedure CEREC veneers.
Another largely popular procedure performed in Aberdeen is teeth whitening. This could be due to the constant media emphasis on having shiny white teeth for that perfect smile.

A breakthrough in dentistry is the invisible braces system that replaces the not so pretty metal braces. No one will ever know that you have teeth straigteners on! Today you can also replace missing teeth with dental implants which are more effective and practical compared to dentures. They are also used to secure single teeth and this is known as crowns. In fact they can also be used to firmly hold dentures in their place. If your dentures are loose, then mini implants are the best solution.
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